1000er-CLUB HG 4/4
Preservation Groups, Railroad-Specific Historical Societies
Kurt Aeberli
President of the 1000er-CLUB
Strehlgasse 8
Gelterkinden CH-4460
Meeting Frequency
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after 4 PM
A Swiss built narrow gauge cog wheel steam locomotive exported 1923 to Vietnam has been repatriated some years after the war. The members of the 1000er-CLUB are restoring together with other voluntary workers from the Furka Mountain Railway (DFB) this locomotive for future operation over the Furka Pass (6700 feet). This important railway connection in the Swiss Alps is absolutely unique, it was opened in 1913 and connects the Western part with the Eastern part of Switzerland.It became part of the world famous "Glacier Express" from St. Moritz to Zermatt. Now the train passes through a tunnel built after the second world war and the tracks over the mountain were abandoned. With the most powerfull steam engine the 1000er-CLUB aims to rebuild, the DFB will in a few years offer the possibility to use the historical track again and pull in the summer month the nostalgic train through a most lovely countryside.
Find more info under www.1000er-club.com
Contact Information
Kurt Aeberli
President 1000er-CLUB HG 4/4
Strehlgasse 8
4460 Gelterkinden
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